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Montreal Skyline

That was nice! First business (a workshop on the increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance) – and then 10 days vacation in Montréal, Canada. That city certainly has a lot to give. Friendly people, good (although expensive) food – and lots and lots of things to explore. So, be prepared for some cityscapes during the next days. ;)

As much fun we had (the wife joined after the workshop) during our vacations – the trip back home was an absolute disaster. Air Canada actually needed three planes before they found one that worked: The first one, we were informed, had “maintenance issues”, but there was a replacement plane at another terminal. So just a quick re-loading of our luggage and off we go. Well… after sitting in the new plane for six hours without moving an inch (during which they changed the whole computer system of the machine), we were informed that the flight had to be finally cancelled. So, getting off the plane, going through passport control, through customs, re-booking the flight to the next day, getting a hotel voucher, waiting for the shuttle to the hotel, into bed at 02:00 – and back to the airport early morning for the next try.

Which went as follows: after sitting in the new (third) airplane for an hour, we were informed that this one had a crack in one tire. So they changed it – which meant we were airborne roughly two hours after schedule. Bye, bye to our connecting flights in Frankfurt. So, after getting there: passport control, customs, re-booking the connecting flight, getting a hotel voucher, waiting for the shuttle to the hotel, into bed at 02:00 – and back to the airport at 05:30.

When we then finally arrived at the airport in Gothenburg, the pilot had to cancel the approach for landing twice due to the bad weather, in particular quite some heavy but erratic squalls. He then announced a final try, before diverting to the next available alternative airport. Which I suspect would be Copenhagen, i.e. a 4.5 hour train-ride back to Gothenburg. But fortunately, he then got us onto the ground in one piece in his final approach.

All in all: 36 hours travel, instead of the planned 14. Yeah, all the fun you can have traveling.

Given, the involved ground-crews were really helpful and professional – but it get’s you thinking that a major (?) airline screws up three planes before finding one that get you across the Atlantic…


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