North of the artic circle…

February 18th, 2012,  no comments

Nordic Coast

Sometimes traveling is real fun, even when it’s “only” for work. Last week I’ve been up to Tromsø, a semi-sized (for Norwegian circumstances) town on the coast of the North sea. The city is actually located inside the artic circle. And in one word: Gorgeous place!

Perhaps one shouldn’t go there during the dark time, when the sun simply doesn’t appear at all (Nov-Jan). But now we had a couple of hours daylight (of which I had to spend too many indoors, but anyway). It’s a place that suddenly made it quite high on my list of places to explore with a decent amount of time and camera gear.

In particular because I really would like to take a glimpse at the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Tromsø is well known for it, but unfortunately we didn’t catch any. So for now just a couple of landscape shots from me, but see for yourself (suggest to turn off the background music, and go for fullscreen):

No such thing as a free breakfast. Guess that holds true especially for Norway, where a semi-sized beer sets you back 9 Euro. But in fact, Tromsø has a really nice locally brewed beer. And, by the way, very friendly locals! Although one of them originated from the UK… ;)


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