Castle Stalker and the floating device…

November 23rd, 2011,  5 comments

I’ve never realized HOW quickly the tide can rise. I was happily shooting castle Stalker from the shoreline (I’d thought) with quite long exposures – around 1 minute, which makes 2 min per shot, including the long exposure noise reduction. And I suddenly couldn’t fail to note that my feet became rather wet. Ok, so be it. I really wanted that shot.

But then I remembered that I left my backpack with all the gear near the shoreline. A quick glance made me realize that it had turned into a nice floating device, course set away from shore.

You have no idea how quickly one can run through ankle-deep water even with a shouldered tripod+camera. It’s just a matter of motivation…

But at least the shot turned out quite nicely in the end.


5 Responses to “Castle Stalker and the floating device…”

  • Markus says:

    Thomas, you seem to risk a lot for such good images – and maybe that’s part of the recipe: being able to concentrate fully on the process and masking out the unimportant other facts. As you were able to capture the float, the cost / benefit ratio here certainly was o.k.

  • Thomas says:

    Yeah, but unfortunately, the float wasn’t really watertight. Ever poured 1-2 liter water out of your backpack? Saltwater.

    Fortunately, there were “only” two lenses in the backpack, but that was more than enough to almost give me a heart attack. But I seem to have had the luck of the Irish (if that’s indeed the correct translation for German Phrase “das Glück der Dummen”): After wiping them off with fresh water and drying them over night they were ok. So far.

  • Paul says:

    You are the intrepid photographer, my friend. LOL. I’m glad that you thought to look back before swimming would have been the only option to get pack that was headed for distant shores. :)

  • That’s a great shot! However, don’t you think it might have been more interesting if there had been, say, a backpack sort of floating towards the castle?

    • Thomas says:

      Thanks, John. You might have a point – but you have no idea, how glad I am that you don’t see a backpack floating towards the castle!!

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