An egoistic photo – and some IPad apps that I enjoy as a photographer

September 11th, 2011;  1 comment

This shot perhaps doesn’t mean much to most, except me. Hence, a truly egoistic shot. My (not overly sincere) apologies…

What you can see is a typical path of my running track, shortly after a semi-steep ascent. I usually slow down here – simply for lack of breath. Last time I realized once more, how fortunate I am to have such a running track just behind my apartment block. And it’s even illuminated until 22:00, which is becoming increasingly important with the autumn just lurking around the corner.

I recently came across some nice IPad Apps for Photographers, and I thought I might share them. Maybe they are of some interest. Nothing related to work with images, I still hold to my opinion that any decent work with images is better left to a decent machine. I recently mentioned the App from the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and the collection of photos from Jaime Ocampo-Rangel “Memory of Colors“.

A continuous stream of photos, usually connected to recent events in the world, is provided by the “Eye Witness” App from the Guardian. One photo per day, which is a nice speed for me (I usually check the App once a week). The “expert tips” that are provided by the App are usually worthless, though. It’s more on the level of “get on eye level with your subject” and things like that. But the photos are good to excellent.

An overview of the world’s cultural heritage sites, in gorgeous photos with locations and explanations is provided by Fotopedia Heritage. The same company provides similar Apps about France and Burma. I haven’t checked them yet, but they surely look interesting.

“Life for the IPad” is a vast collection of professional photos on almost every imaginable subject. From “Harry Potters England” to “Heidi the cross-eyed opossom” (really!) to coverage on recent events in the middle east. That app is an incredible time sink. It’s also for free, with a rare ad every now and then.

Similar to that, the Thomson Reuters Galleries. Although with an emphasis on the US.

Some photos to watch those rainy days…

Enjoy the week!

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