September 29th, 2010,  3 comments

Pweh, back in town. Quite a substantial amount of travelling through Europe over the last weeks. Bremen (2nd home), Brussels (boring), Mol (also in Belgium, cozy little town) and Dubrovnik (Croatia, very nice!). I’ve been invited to Dubrovnik to a Nato workshop on “Science for Peace and Security”, which delt with water pollution in Croatia (which was certainly interesting). I’ve never been to Dubrovnik, and – to be honest – was really postively surprised. Especially the late-summer (around 23 degree Celsius) weather and the coastline was a joy.

The old town of Dubrovnik is certainly a nice place to visit. Unfortunately, I was not quite the only guy tourist’ing around. As soon as I left the bus I was nearly trampled over by a group of 40-50 Swedish tourists. Made me wonder for a second whether I was really 2000 km away, or whether I accidently ended up in Stockholm… ;)

Anyway, above is one of the photos I managed to get during the 2-3 hours that I skipped the workshop: the walls of the old town, facing the Mediterranean. Shot with my small P&S (Ricoh GX100), as wide as possible. Is that just me, or is there some noticeable distortion in the photo? I definately should go to Dubrovnik again, doing some more serious shooting. But certainly not in summer, the climate is far beyond me during that time (humid and temperatures easily above 35 degree Celsius). If even the locals tell you to stay away in summer – I definately take that seriously! But perhaps spring…?


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  • Ove says:

    Looks lovely, Dubrovnic. It must have been a split second, if you really though you were in Stockholm. ;-) Springtime is quite probably breathtaking in this area, with the blooming.

    (and I really don’t see any noise in the image)

  • Thomas says:

    Yeah, spring might be just the right time to go there again. :)

    Noise shouldn’t be a real problem – enough light and the photo has been downsized considerably. But to me it looks as if the buildings on the left are slightly slanted to the left (?)

  • Ove says:

    Yes, that distortion is definitely present, perhaps because you’re using a wide angle and is pointing the camera below the horizon. There are hardly no wide angles that not show up these artefact, at least no that comes at a descent price. :)

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